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I speak at tech conferences! My specialist subjects are Python, MongoDB, and Rust, but I have (dubious) thoughts on a whole range of things!

If you'd like me to speak at your conference, or submit a talk proposal, please let me know by email or via a Twitter

Getting Started with MongoDB & Rust

December 14, 2020 - 48 mins
MongoDB is probably the world's most popular document database. It may not be well known, but MongoDB released their first driver for Rust back in 2013. Since then regular driver updates have been released, supporting new database features and adding improvements. This year, the driver was rewritteā€¦
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Pyjamas Conference Advocacy Panel

December 05, 2020

I got to be on a panel with Tania Allard!

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Stupid Things I've Done With Python

December 05, 2020

Sometimes I do stupid things with Python. I'm not proud of it.

Okay, I am proud of it.

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How to Get On This Stage (and What To Do When You Get There)

September 18, 2020

It's my first ever DjangoCon Europe talk!

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Everything You Know About MongoDB is Wrong!

July 25, 2020
This 10 minute talk attempts to list and counteract the eight most common myths about MongoDB. If you didn't know that MongoDB was a secure, robust, ACID-compliant, transactional, relational database, then you should probably watch this talk.
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It's Pythons All The Way Down!

August 04, 2019 - 70 mins

A deep dive into how inheritance and metaclasses work in Python.

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Publish a Perfect Python Package

July 10, 2019 - 30 mins

An opinionated guide to building and distributing high-quality Python packages.

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More Than you Ever Wanted to Know about Python Functions

July 26, 2018

What exactly are functions? Let's talk about functions, methods, callables and closures - what they are, what you can give them, what they can give you, what you can do with them ... and what's inside.

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Pythonic Refactoring: Protecting Your Users From Change

July 14, 2017

So you've released a library! Now you need to maintain it. You want to add features, restructure the code, fix bugs, and maybe improve the library's usability. Your users just want their code to carry on working. That's okay!

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