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Getting Started with MongoDB & Rust

December 14, 2020 - beginner rust mongodb

MongoDB is probably the world's most popular document database.

It may not be well known, but MongoDB released their first driver for Rust back in 2013. Since then regular driver updates have been released, supporting new database features and adding improvements. This year, the driver was rewritten, adding support for Tokio & Async-Std, and is now officially supported. So maybe it's time to give it a try!

This talk will give an overview of the features of MongoDB, including some features that many think MongoDB doesn't support, including transactions and joins. I'll cover:

And I'll show how to use the Rust driver to make use of these features, and cover the areas the Rust driver does not yet support. I'll also cover some of MongoDB's lesser-known features, such as GIS data types and queries, and time series queries, at a high level.